Several of our Successes


ECO was the recipient of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce 2000 Alpha Commitment to Excellence Award for Community Revitalization. ECO is the first Community Organization, ever, to receive this award!


ECO convinced the Town Board of the need to update the Amherst Town Building Code Ordinance. We participated in the revision and rewriting of the new building codes. We continue to work with the Town on enforcement of the new ordinances.


Demolition of a hazardous abandoned building on Eggert Road was a direct result of ECO's involvement with the Town government.


ECO held a successful Election Day Bake Sale to raise funds for the Eggertsville Fire Company and the Eggertsville Explorers Scout troop.


ECO has sponsored Candidates Night Forums, where candidates could give their visions for Eggertsville and the entire town.


ECO successfully campaigned to establish an Eggertsville Community Center. Through a collaborative effort with government officials and private sector interests, the former Calvary Lutheran Church, at 4110 Bailey Ave., near Oxford was purchased by the town in 2005.  Town residents have use of the facility, managed by the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo, for meetings and events.